Revisiting classic and not-so-classic albums

Listen to Riley ramble on about things he has no authority to talk about. There will be guests.

Episode 146


U2 discovers their "wall of sound", a hardcore punk band gets serious and melodic and Wham rip off Motown. (Also, a 4+ hour performance art piece.) Then, Neil Young finally makes a recognizably Neil Young album, Kate Bush continues being Kate Bush, Galaxie 500 discover the saxophone and Nine Inch Nails invent '90s industrial rock.

  • 35th Anniversary of
    • The Unforgettable Fire by U2
    • Let It Be by The Replacements
    • Make It Big by Wham!
    • And a brief mention of United States Live by Laurie Anderson
  • 30th Anniversary of
    • Freedom by Neil Young
    • The Sensual World by Kate Bush
    • On Fire by Galaxie 500
    • Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails



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