Revisiting classic and not-so-classic albums

Listen to Riley ramble on about things he has no authority to talk about. There will be guests.

Episode 125


Some really big records this episode, including some debuts from some fully formed bands, and some really big records by some famous bands and artists.

  • 40th Anniversary of Live at the Witch Trials by The Fall
  • 40th Anniversary of Van Halen II
  • 40th Anniversary of Overkill by Motorhead
  • 40th Anniversary of Breakfast in America by Supertramp
  • 40th Anniversary of Buy by James Chance and the Contortions
  • 35th Anniversary of This Is Spinal Tap
  • 35th Anniversary of Run-DMC
  • 35th Anniversary of Love at First Sting by Scorpions
  • 35th Anniversary of My War by Black Flag
  • 35th Anniversary of Burning the Witches by Warlock
  • 30th Anniversary of Like a Prayer by Madonna

Host: Riley Haas



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